How do universities create and manage websites?

We launched a survey to help understand how universities create and manage websites. Universities in the US and UK responded to questions that inform the future of Edupack.

What did we find? In short, Universities are not happy with how they manage websites.

Almost 50% of respondents experienced issues with their current setup. That isn’t surprising when we consider that on average, each institute is juggling almost three CMSes.

To compound this, over 50% of those who responded own over 100 websites. And 30.4% are responsible for more than 500 sites.

Those figures do not include rogue websites. These rogue websites are created by university staff without going through any internal review processes.

Another interesting fact: WordPress is used by 100% of respondents in their institution.

Do you manage your institution’s website infrastructure? We’ll continue to update this survey with new responses.