Edupack #outreach Plan

I’m in charge of Edupack’s outreach. I’m also trying to keep our Slack channels focused by publishing the goals behind our communication and work. This post establishes the motivation behind the #outreach group on Slack.

The Author

From user onboarding to content sunsetting, Edupack aims to simplify Higher Ed web publishing. To reach our bold vision, Edupack is launching an outreach initiative in three phases (enumerated with domain names 😉):

1. Find Good Ideas & Dream Big (

Our first phase of outreach needs to promote brainstorming. 

Imagine.. Higher Ed web publishing simplified into a single framework of standards and tech..

We’ll search HighEdWeb and WPCampus for good ideas to bring into Edupack.

We are at the start of a big project. The potential is endless, and we should promote big ideas while we can.

2. Deliver Features (

Once we have all the ideas we can handle, we’ll focus on delivering features. Our features must live up to the dreams of Higher Ed Pros. @nathansmonk and his team are working hard to turn dreams into a reality.

Our aim is to have Higher Ed pros using our plugin as quickly as possible. We want our development to be guided by real user stories.

3. Sustain Openness (

We plan to sustain our open core through support services. We love the idea of support services because companies are literally paying us to ensure our code is great and our systems are functional.

I hope that the dreamers and early users who contribute to Edupack become our biggest cheerleaders. Our cheerleaders can push Higher Ed institutions to pay for our services.

This is my plan for Edupack outreach.


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