Edupack Transparency

How open is too Open?

We trust you’ll ask questions. We don’t want to bombard you. We trust that you’ll ask for the info you want. We do have several public forums for brainstorming. General ideas fit nicely into Slack’s #general channel. Randomness fits into #random. We email key announcements, and I’m not so sure what P2 is for yet, but “2” rhymes with “true” so… Great Truths might go here?

We never share private information. Our commitment to privacy is built into our service. Edupack isn’t a hosting service. The Edupack plugin currently does not currently collect any of your data (this may change if we need to learn about usage). Data on third-party services (ie- Slack, GitHub, P2, Gmail, …) won’t be shared with any other third party.

We also protect experimentation. Spitball ideas with me, @bbertucc. If you say something is private, I won’t tell a soul. I also encourage folks to share ideas privately with each other before bringing them to the larger group. Hashed-out ideas usually get better traction.

Business decisions and Edupack finances are public (mostly). We sometimes sign NDAs, so we obviously can’t share data that can’t be disclosed. We do aim to share most Edupack financial data. Feedback on profits, losses, investments, and lessons helps us make better business decisions. That said, we maintain employee and partner rights to privacy and never share anything employees or partners do not want us to share.

Anytime we discuss anything privately, we do it to maintain your trust. Your trust is our most precious asset. Our privacy policies work to maintain your trust in Edupack.

Ask your questions!