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Edupack is transitioning.

With 73 institutions, Edupack worked to simplify Higher Ed website publishing. Now, to better accomplish our goal, Edupack is evolving into two endeavors.

First, we’re tackling accessibility with Equalify.

Managing content accessibility was the biggest headache for our Higher Ed partners. Existing services aimed for sales over utility, charging too much for unhelpful features.

Equalify makes accessibility more accessible. All work is published under an open source license, which is funded by affordable service contracts. We’re also building tools that automate WCAG compliance. Visit to try the service today.

Outside of accessibility, other Edupack’s knowledge is transitioning into Managed Campus by Decubing Web Services. Decubing was my former agency. I am helping their team build the best solution for campus website management. The service builds on countless interviews with Higher Ed Pros, in addition to the experience Decubing already has with campus clients. I encourage you to contact Decubing for more information.

I truly appreciate the knowledge I’ve gained through Edupack. With Equalify and Decubing, I can’t wait to turn Edupack knowledge into real solutions.

Onwards and upwards!